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Participant Group Composition

Sling Participant Group Composition

The Sling is based on a twice weekly industry poll of major traders’ fair assessments of spot prices at selected locations. It is formed by a balanced group of polling participants.

The Sling aims to maintain a balanced portfolio of buyers, sellers and traders. As shown in the charts below, there are four categories of participants for the index – oil and gas majors, LNG/gas producers, LNG traders and LNG importers.

Sling Participant Group - Sign Up
SLInG Participant Group - Active


The Sling participants group statistics are shown below with the average intrinsic position of both the signed-up and active participants based on their net position of being intrinsic long, intrinsic short or neutral(Long=1, Short=-1, Balanced=0).


Average net position of the Sling participants 
Signed-up participants:0.17
Active participants:0.27


Example: Company A is a LNG importer and hence its intrinsic position is short, which is -1. Company B is an Oil & Gas major with an intrinsic position long, which is +1.
Therefore, the average intrinsic position of company A and company B is [(-1)+(1)]/2 = 0

Signed up participants are the participants who have registered with and have an account with EMC.
Active participants are the participants who have been actively participating in the polling assessments. Participants who missed more than five consecutive weeks of polling will be considered inactive participants.

Last updated on 31 Jan 2018