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Market Manuals

What are market manuals?

Market manuals are procedural documents that contain requirements and processes that must be followed by all market participants, MSSLs, EMC and the PSO. Compliance with the requirements in the market manuals is binding under the Market Rules. The following table lists the current release of these manuals.

Market Manuals
Version Title Downloads Tracked Version
21 Oct 2020 Market Administration - Registration and Authorisation: Part 1 Document Icon (498kB) Document Icon (506kB)
26 Jan 2022 Market Administration - Registration and Authorisation: Part 2 Document Icon (1.0MB) Document Icon (1.0MB)
08 Mar 2018 Market Administration - Registration and Authorisation: Part 3 Document Icon (420kB) Document Icon (216kB)
01 Oct 2017 Market Administration - Registration and Authorisation: Part 4 Document Icon (675kB) Document Icon (676kB)
13 Dec 2021 Market Administration - Registration and Authorisation: Part 5 Document Icon (569kB) Document Icon (598kB)
07 Jan 2021 Market Operations - Prudential Requirements (Chapter 2 Market Rules) Document Icon (143kB) Document Icon (153kB)
20 Feb 2017 Market Operations - Automatic Financial Penalty Scheme (Chapter 5 Market Rules) Document Icon (412kB) Document Icon (428kB)
26 Jan 2022 Market Operations - Standing Offers, Standing Bids, Offer Variations, Bid Variations and Standing Capability Data (Chapter 6 Market Rules) Document Icon (621kB) Document Icon (609kB)
23 May 2022 Market Operations - Settlement (Chapter 7 Market Rules) Document Icon (738kB) Document Icon (750kB)

Process for incorporating future changes to market manuals

Market manuals are subject to change as the market evolves. The process for revision is based on that required in section 8, Chapter 1 of the Market Rules:

  • the proposed modifications are submitted to the Rules Change Panel (RCP) for review,
  • the RCP makes a recommendation to the EMC Board as to whether or not the proposed modifications should be adopted,
  • the EMC Board makes a decision, and
  • the EMA grants final approval.

The approved modifications come into force ten business days after their publication on the EMC website, or on a date specified in the approved modification proposal. Please click here for changes to market manuals pending or under consideration. Please click here for approved changes to market manuals that are not incorporated in the current release.