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Market Rules

The Singapore Electricity Market Rules (Market Rules) govern wholesale operations of the NEMS.

Modifications to the Market Rules are updated on this website on a quarterly basis in April, July, October and January. In April, July and October, we update and publish individual chapters with modifications that come into effect on or before April, July and October respectively. In January, we publish a new release of the Market Rules (all chapters) dated January. This release includes all modifications that come into effect on or before January of the particular year.

Please note that modifications approved by the EMA but not yet in effect at the date of each quarterly update and/or annual release are not included. Depending on their nature, some modifications do not take effect immediately upon approval. To view these and other modifications approved by the EMA after each quarterly update and/or annual release, please click here.

Release 1 January 2017
Chapter Title Version Downloads Tracked Version
Chapter 1 Introduction and Interpretation of the Rules 01 Jan 2017 Document Icon (352kB)
Chapter 2 Participation 01 Oct 2017 Document Icon (657kB) Document Icon (678kB)
Appendix 2A Technical requirements for registration as a market participant 01 Jan 2017 Document Icon (129kB)
Appendix 2B Technical requirements for registration of facilities 01 Jan 2017 Document Icon (196kB)
Chapter 3 Administration, Supervision & Enforcement 01 Oct 2017 Document Icon (741kB) Document Icon (754kB)
Appendix 3A Declaration of Nominee for Membership on the Rules Change Panel 01 Jan 2017 Document Icon (84kB)
Appendix 3B Declaration for nomination on the membership on the Market Surveillance Panel, as Dispute Resolution Counsellor or as a person within the group that may be selected as a member of a Dispute Resolution Panel 01 Jan 2017 Document Icon (83kB)
Appendix 3C List of organisations eligible to submit a list or further lists of nominees for appointment to the Rules Change Panel 01 Oct 2017 Document Icon (79kB) Document Icon (80kB)
Appendix 3D Declaration For Appointment As A Member of The Market Surveillance and Compliance Panel (New Appendix Arising from Approved Rule Change) 01 Jan 2017 Document Icon (87kB)
Chapter 4 Connection and Metering 01 Jan 2017 Document Icon (44kB)
Chapter 5 System Operation 01 Oct 2017 Document Icon (762kB) Document Icon (768kB)
Appendix 5A Performance Standards for Ancillary Services 01 Oct 2017 Document Icon (268kB) Document Icon (270kB)
Appendix 5B Performance Standards for System Operation 01 Jan 2017 Document Icon (96kB)
Appendix 5C Outage Scheduling Information 01 Jan 2017 Document Icon (133kB)
Appendix 5D Automatic Penalty Scheme for Deviation by Generation Registered Facility 01 Jan 2017 Document Icon (337kB)
Appendix 5E Automatic Financial Penalty Scheme for Deviation by Load Registered Facilities with Restricted Energy Bids 01 Jan 2017 Document Icon (350kB)
Chapter 6 Market Operation 01 Jul 2017 Document Icon (596kB) Document Icon (608kB)
Appendix 6A Market Operations Timetable 01 Jan 2017 Document Icon (176kB)
Appendix 6B Input Data for the Market Clearing Engine 01 Jan 2017 Document Icon (46kB)
Appendix 6C Output Data for the Market Clearing Engine 01 Apr 2017 Document Icon (43kB) Document Icon (44kB)
Appendix 6D Market Clearing Formulation (Part 1) 01 Oct 2017 Document Icon (716kB) Document Icon (723kB)
Appendix 6D Market Clearing Formulation (Part 2) 01 Oct 2017 Document Icon (882kB) Document Icon (884kB)
Appendix 6E Standing Capability Data 01 Jan 2017 Document Icon (147kB)
Appendix 6F Content of Offers 01 Jan 2017 Document Icon (31kB)
Appendix 6G Dispatch Related Data 01 Jan 2017 Document Icon (221kB)
Appendix 6H Advisory Notices 01 Jan 2017 Document Icon (92kB)
Appendix 6I Compensation in the Event of Load Shedding 01 Jan 2017 Document Icon (188kB)
Appendix 6J Price Limits and Constraint Violation Penalties 01 Oct 2017 Document Icon (201kB) Document Icon (204kB)
Appendix 6K Compensation When Scheduled at Minimum Stable Load Level 01 Apr 2017 Document Icon (443kB) Document Icon (444kB)
Appendix 6L Calculation of Load Curtailment Quantity and Load Curtailment Price 01 Oct 2017 Document Icon (323kB) Document Icon (324kB)
Chapter 7 Settlement 01 Oct 2017 Document Icon (696kB) Document Icon (763kB)
Appendix 7A Calculation of Reserve Responsibility Shares 01 Jan 2017 Document Icon (216kB)
Appendix 7B Process for Settlement Adjustments for Metering Errors 01 Jan 2017 Document Icon (243kB)
Appendix 7C Additional Exit Fee for Affected Forward Sales Contracts 01 Oct 2017 Document Icon (231kB)
Chapter 8 Definitions 01 Oct 2017 Document Icon (296kB) Document Icon (315kB)