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Market Players

Singapore’s electricity industry is structured to facilitate competitive wholesale and retail markets. This was achieved by separating the ownership of the contestable parts of the industry from those with characteristics of a natural monopoly. To promote the entry of new participants, licenses have also been granted to parties that intend to establish new businesses to participate as electricity generators or retailers. Current market participants are listed below.


Consumers have been classified as being either contestable or non-contestable depending on their level of electricity usage. Contestable consumers may choose to purchase electricity from a retailer or directly from the wholesale market or indirectly from the wholesale market through SP Services. Non-contestable consumers are supplied by SP Services.

Energy Market Authority (EMA)

The EMA is the regulator of the electricity industry and has the ultimate responsibility for the market framework and ensuring that the interests of consumers are protected.

Energy Market Company (EMC)

EMC operates and administers the wholesale market. This role includes calculating prices, scheduling generation, clearing and settling market transactions and procuring ancillary services. EMC also administers the rule change process and assists the Market Surveillance and Compliance Panel and Dispute Resolution Counsellor.

Power System Operator (PSO)

The PSO (a division of the EMA) is responsible for ensuring the reliable supply of electricity to consumers and the secure operation of the power system. The PSO controls the dispatch of generation facilities, co-ordinates outages and power system emergency planning and directs the operation of the high-voltage transmission system.

Market Participants

Generation Licensees
Generation Licensees generate electricity for injection into the power grid. They offer to generate various quantities of electricity at their associated prices. All offers are then pooled in the wholesale market to match the demand for electricity.
Active generators are:  Sembcorp Cogen Pte Ltd, National Environment Agency, Keppel Merlimau Cogen Pte LtdSenoko Waste-To-Energy Pte Ltd (in its capacity as Trustee of Senoko Trust),Tuas Power Generation Pte LtdSenoko Energy Pte Ltd, Shell Eastern Petroleum Pte Ltd, Keppel Seghers Tuas Waste-To-Energy Plant Pte Ltd (in its capacity as Trustee of Tuas DBOO Trust)ExxonMobil Asia Pacific Pte LtdPacificLight Power Pte Ltd, YTL PowerSeraya Pte Ltd, TP Utilities Pte Ltd, Singapore Refining Company Pte Ltd, TuasOne Pte Ltd, Sembcorp Floating Solar Singapore Pte Ltd, Sembcorp Solar Singapore Pte Ltd and Taser Power Pte Ltd.

Interruptible Loads
Interruptible loads are contestable consumers of electricity that participate in the wholesale market and allow their supply of electricity to be interrupted in the event of a system disturbance in exchange for reserve payments.

Market Support Services Licensee
An MSSL is authorised to provide market support services. Such services include consumer registration and transfer, meter reading and meter data management, retail settlements and billing for contestable consumers. SP Services Ltd is the only MSSL.

Retail Electricity Licensees
Retailers that sell electricity to contestable consumers are licensed by the EMA. Retailers that are registered as market participants purchase electricity directly from the wholesale market.
Active retailers are: Keppel Electric Pte Ltd, Sembcorp Power Pte Ltd, Senoko Energy Supply Pte Ltd, Seraya Energy Pte Ltd, Tuas Power Supply Pte Ltd, Diamond Electric Pte LtdPacificLight Energy Pte LtdSunseap Energy Pte Ltd, Best Electricity Supply Pte LtdUnion Power Pte Ltd, Just Electric Pte Ltd, Cleantech Solar Singapore Assets Pte Ltd,
 Greencity Energy Pte Ltd, Bioenergy Pte Ltd and Flo Energy Singapore Pte Ltd.

Transmission Licensee
SP PowerAssets Ltd owns and is responsible for maintaining the transmission system.

Wholesale Market Traders
Companies, other than generators or retailers, that are licensed by the EMA to trade in the wholesale electricity market are wholesale market traders.
The current wholesale market traders are: MSD International GmbH (Singapore Branch), Green Power Asia Pte Ltd, Singapore LNG Corporation Pte Ltd, JE Green Solutions Pte Ltd, Sunseap Leasing Pte LtdLYS Genco Beta Pte Ltd
Singapore District Cooling Pte Ltd, Air Liquide Singapore Private LimitedPublic Utilities BoardSunseap Leasing Beta Pte Ltd, Terrenus Energy SL2 Pte LtdEnel X Singapore Pte LtdSunseap Energy Ventures Pte LtdSunseap Vpower Pte LtdSolarland Alpha Assets Pte LtdPSA Corporation Limited, Crystal Clear Environmental Pte LtdTerrenus Energy SL1X Pte Ltd, and BEWGI-UE NEWater Pte Ltd.

Applications Under Consideration
MA Energy (SG) Pte Ltd.

Withdrawal By Market Participants
EMC has received a notice under Chapter 2, Section 4.1.1 of the Singapore Electricity Market Rules from the following market participants, stating their intention to cease participation in the wholesale electricity markets.

The registration of the following market participants will expire on the dates stated in the last column of the table below:

Market Participant (MP)Trading Day upon which the MP intends to cease to participate in the wholesale electricity marketsExpiry Date of the registration of the MP
Tuas Power Ltd26 Oct 200926 Oct 2009
Senoko Power Limited31 Mar 201031 Mar 2010
Keppel Seghers Tuas Waste-to-Energy Plant Pte Ltd23 Jul 201023 Jul 2010
Schering-Plough Ltd30 Mar 201102 Apr 2011
IUT Singapore Pte Ltd11 May 201111 May 2011
PowerSeraya Ltd22 May 201222 May 2012
ISK Singapore Pte Ltd19 Nov 201311 Dec 2013
KiWi Power Singapore Pte Ltd11 May 201611 May 2016
Tong Teik Pte Ltd18 May 201618 May 2016
Air Products Pte Ltd23 Dec 201623 Dec 2016
ECO Special Waste Management Pte Ltd07 Dec 201707 Dec 2017
GreenSync Holdings Pte Ltd27 Apr 201827 Apr 2018
Banyan Utilities Pte Ltd22 May 201822 May 2018
Energy Supply Solutions Pte Ltd14 Jun 201814 Jun 2018
SmartCity Energy Pte Ltd30 Jun 201830 Jun 2018
Glaxo Wellcome Manufacturing Pte Ltd - GlaxoSmithKline Biologicals01 Jul 201801 Jul 2018
Nanyang Technological University01 Jul 201801 Jul 2018
Pfizer Asia Pacific Pte Ltd01 Jul 201801 Jul 2018
Diamond Energy Managers Pte Ltd31 Dec 201831 Dec 2018
Charis Electric Pte Ltd31 Dec 201831 Dec 2018
SingNet Pte Ltd31 Dec 201831 Dec 2018
Peerer Energy Pte Ltd10 Jul 2019 10 Jul 2019
Environmental Solutions (Asia) Pte Ltd25 Nov 201925 Nov 2019
Red Dot Power Pte Ltd02 Dec 202002 Dec 2020
Changi Mega Solar Pte Ltd24 Dec 202024 Dec 2020
Sun Electric Power Pte Ltd31 Dec 202031 Dec 2020
MyElectricity Pte Ltd15 Sep 202115 Sep 2021
I Switch Pte Ltd21 Dec 202121 Dec 2021
UGS Energy Pte Ltd31 Dec 202131 Dec 2021
Hyflux Energy Pte Ltd30 Mar 202226 Apr 2022
Tuaspring Pte Ltd31 May 202221 Jun 2022
Terrenus Energy Pte Ltd04 Nov 202204 Nov 2022
Ohm Energy Pte Ltd30 Nov 202230 Nov 2022

Market Participants

Applications Under Consideration

Withdrawing Market Participants