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Market Data

Open and transparent markets require an informed public. EMC prepares and publishes market data, analysis and other information that can be viewed in this section.

For any enquiry on the market data, please email to Market Operations team

Price Information

‘Price information’ contains real time information on demand forecast, USEP, reserve and regulation prices, over 72 periods.

Historical data for USEP and demand, Nodal energy prices, Reserve prices, Regulation prices, Wholesale electricity prices, Vesting contract reference prices, Capacity for Registered Facilities and the MEUC Monthly Statement, may also be downloaded from ‘Price information’.

Accompanying the data, ‘Guide to Prices’ offers a glossary and additional information on prices.

Market Trading Reports

The Market Trading Reports are available to the public on a daily and monthly frequency.

The daily trading reports contain summary statistics of the trading activities including generation share. Price charts such as USEP vs. Demand charts can be found in these reports.

The monthly trading reports contain similar statistics found in the daily trading reports, presented on a monthly basis. In addition, a summary of settlement trades can be found in these reports. Statistics are also presented for the WEP, Fuel Oil Price, Vesting Contract Hedge Price and Tariffs for the year.

For Market Trading Reports with commentary, please visit our data subscription page.

Electricity Futures

Singapore’s Electricity Futures Market was launched in 2015 by the Energy Market Authority, in partnership with Singapore Exchange (SGX). Electricity futures provide market participants in the National Electricity Market of Singapore (NEMS) with a risk management tool to manage price volatility in the electricity spot market.


Trading of electricity futures commenced in June 2015. For market updates on electricity futures, please visit SGX's website.