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Consultancy Services

EMC offers a comprehensive range of consultancy services designed to assist clients adapt to a reforming market environment include advice on market implementation covering market design, operational aspects, market rules and governance. We also offer customised training programmes for specific markets, topics or companies.  

Our Experience

EMC’s team of experts applies insights gained from Singapore and other markets:

  • Singapore—market operator for wholesale market and rule change process (2001–present)
  • New Zealand—market operator for the New Zealand electricity market, including wholesale and retail markets design, implementation and operation, and drafted rules and rule change process (1993–2007)
  • Philippines—project manager for implementation of the market management system for the wholesale electricity spot market in the Philippines (2004-2006) and reviewed market performance and recommended modifications to market rules (2007–2008)
  • Vietnam—designed single buyer generation competitive market and drafted market rules (2008–2009)
  • Taiwan—designed wholesale market (2000–2001)
  • South Africa—wholesale market design, incorporating high-level design philosophy and principles and functional market concepts (2002–2003).
Market Design and Implementation

The transition from a centrally organised industry to a liberalised competitive energy market brings fundamental changes to all aspects of the supply chain—generation, transmission, distribution and retailing. EMC has provided consultancy and guidance to governments and other power sector stakeholders in the Asia Pacific region on market reforms. We can assist in designing and implementing electricity markets, governance arrangements, and establishing “readiness for competition” in the following areas:

  • negotiating a range of market models, including price-based and the cost-based markets;
  • integrating interconnected grids where generation technologies and tariffs differ;
  • integrating power purchase agreements with the spot market;
  • integrating the financial market with the spot market; and
  • introducing retail competition into a market.
Market Rules and Process Development

We can assist in developing market rules and processes related to market operation: Governance, trading, scheduling, pricing, settlement, reconciliation, customer switching, rule change, and so on. Our strength is our ability to evolve a market by leading the rule change process.

Market Surveillance, Monitoring and Dispute Resolution

With strong experience in analysing market behaviour and enforcement actions, we can assist operators and regulators establish a robust compliance regime—crucial to the success of any market. Our services include establishing and maintaining independent panels for market surveillance and dispute resolution, developing processes for identifying and investigating potential rule breaches, and developing an analytical model for price outliers and data as well as indices for monitoring purposes.

Grid Planning and Congestion Management

EMC has lead market stakeholders in Singapore in assessing the market impact of transmission congestion. EMC has also lead the way integrating grid planning for the medium to long-term, and grid management in real-time and in the short-term. We can help you identify congestion hot spots and assess the value of potential solutions for alleviating congestion.

Investment and Market Feasibility Analysis

EMC can work alongside your technical, legal, and financial and tax advisors to assess the commercial viability of merchant power plants in market environments. We can assess a generation asset’s market efficiency in terms of its grid environment and its specific market rules.

Customised Training

Having played a key role in establishing the NEMS, EMC is in a unique position to unite theory and practice in electricity market design. We can customise courses on a range of topics combining insights from engineering, economics and regulatory issues and a range of perspectives grounded in the fundamentals of electricity market theory and practice. Courses may be conducted at EMC or on your premises. 

Related Contacts

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about our consultancy services or if you have any questions.