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Panel Releases

Panel Findings

The Market Surveillance and Compliance Panel (MSCP) has made the following findings:

MSCP Findings
Date Subject Downloads
21 Mar 2007 Investigation into High Regulation Prices Occurring from October 2006 to January 2007 Document Icon (217kB)
31 Mar 2006 Investigation into Alleged market Abnormalities Occurring from Late September to Early October 2005 Document Icon (95kB)

Panel Statements

The MSCP has made the following statements:

MSCP Statements
Date Subject Downloads
06 Apr 2005 Offer Variations and Revised Standing Offers after Gate Closure Document Icon (37kB)
25 Nov 2004 Offer Variation and Revised Standing Offer within the Gate Closure Document Icon (91kB)
13 Aug 2004 Non-compliance with Dispatch Instructions Document Icon (70kB)
30 Dec 2002 Enforcement of the Market Rules Immediately After Market Commencement Document Icon (488kB)
30 Dec 2002 Delegation of Authority by the MSCP to the MAU Document Icon (713kB)

Panel Occasional Papers

The MAU under the direction of the MSCP has conducted studies in relation to the efficiency and fairness of the NEMS.  Occasional papers on the subjects covered are published. The MSCP and the MAU welcome feedback on the papers. Please direct your comments to mau@emcsg.com.

MSCP Occasional Papers
DateIssue Download
10 March 20212Econometric Model Design, Approach and Methodology Report - A Review of the Current Methodology

file type icon  (1.1MB)

16 July 20071How Market Fundamental Factors Affect Energy Prices in the NEMS - An Econometric Model

file type icon  (368kB)